About Us


Love&Unity was founded in April of 2021 by Michael. With help from friends and family with the simple objective of helping people get meaningful clothing and homegoods to inspire the world. We wanted to  help our communities navigate that rise to greatness. 

Love&Unity is a global community of diverse families and restless humans who seek to promote authenticity through an emphasis on love creation and redemption. In all the ways we strive to share our passions and pursuits with the world, our commitment to what makes a destination or a local unique is the foundation for everything we see, make, and do, especially in light of a pandemic that has dramatically impacted the way we think about self expression.

We believe that a commitment to what’s local and authentic allows us to reach our audience in a way that feels both dependable and sustainable, whether that’s independently or through a collab. And while the work never really stops, we have fun wherever we go.

Check us out, follow our journey, or drop us a line below – we’d love to hear from you.